About Classic Carpets & Interiors

What do you want your floor to be? Simply put, you probably want it to be just right. For your home. Your style. Your family. And, of course, you want it to be beautiful.

Classic Carpets & Interiors can help. Whether you’ve just started thinking about a new floor, have begun shopping, are awaiting installation, or want to maintain your recent purchase, you’ll find inspiration and information to help you every step of the way.

My husband Len is really really good at what he does, I call him the floorcovering “guru.” He has been in this crazy business for 30 years and boy does he know his stuff. He actually sent me to “carpet college” in Dalton, Georgia a few years ago so I could learn more about the business and oh, my gosh I had no idea that floorcovering was so technical and involves so much math. I do not like math. Every measurement, then every order must be perfect. Len teaches and advises customers everyday about all the different options of floors, pads and underlayment, (that is what goes under the floor, which also must be just right or the floor on top might have problems.) Our customers trust Len because I hear over and over from them that and I quote, “he really knows what he is talking about.” If you are interested in replacing an existing floor or are building a new house that needs new floors, check out our store on Verdin Rd. in between East Butler and Woodruff Roads in Greenville.  I have been telling my friends for years that I think we have the most beautiful showroom with the largest selection anywhere in the area. I know you will have a great experience with us because Len and his staff have valuable knowledge and an expertise that is not easy to find. This is our business, a local family owned business with our name and reputation at stake. I promise we will not let you down.